Swanage Railway Diary 4

All pictures are taken following the strictest safety policy for Swanage Railway staff, volunteers and passengers.
If it is not safe to take a picture none is taken.
The safety of SR staff, volunteers and passengers is
at all times.

SR Photographic Survey
Swanage to Limit of Operation
Galleries 1 to 16
A photographic record of the SR mile by mile and yard by yard.
With apologies to the late S N Pike.

SR Track Gang. Gallery 58.
The SR Track Gang.
Vegetation control along the lineside and general work. ______________________________________________

SR May Diesel Gala 2018
Gallery 57

SR 2018 Spring Steam Gala
Gallery 56

SR Close Down Period 2018
Gallery 55
Work and odd jobs.

Winter Warm Up 2017
Gallery 54
Steam and Diesel services.
Passenger and Goods trains.

SR Santa Specials 2017.
Gallery 53.
The logistics of operating the
Santa Specials.

SR Diary 10 Gallery 52
More day to day operation on the Swanage Railway

First SR Train Swanage - Wareham - Swanage
Gallery 51
After 45 years of blood, sweat and toil by many volunteers, the Swanage
Railway finally reaches its goal of return services to the main line at Wareham on 13 June 2017.  

The day after the Diesel Gala
Gallery 50
With all the excitement over we have a look at the
resting .

The late Frank Mead.
Gallery 49
Frank was our locomotive fitter and had a wealth of knowledge on the workings of steam locomotives.
Sadly Frank passed away towards the end of April
2017 whilst at work on the Swanage Railway.

A morning on the Swanage Railway
Gallery 48
 0910 t0 1210 on the railway with a look around the site and a footplate ride on 80146 from Swanage to Norden and back to Swanage.

Strictly Bulleid. Gallery 45-46-47
A heritage record with 5 Bulleid pacific's in action
over the weekend of 31 March to 02 April 2017.
257 Squadron 34072 is still in Herston Works being
95% complete with the frames of 34010 Sidmouth
being readied for restoration.
See the new 'Your in the Strong Country' sign.

The Works - The Signal - The Tamper
Gallery 44
An update on three areas of work on the Swanage railway. 


SR Diary 9. Gallery 43
SR Trains and SR People.

SR 2016 Autumn Steam Gala. Gallery 42
14 to 16 October
14 October Photography
15 October Driving 31806
16 October Driving 30053

SR Diary 8. Gallery 41
More day to day volunteering on the Swanage Railway.

SR Diesel Gala 2016
Gallery 40

The ever popular Diesel Gala and Beer festival.

SR Steam Gala
Gallery 39
The ever popular Purbeck event for rail fans.
Photographs taken 08 to 09 April 2016.
At the end of the gallery see running over the new section from Norden
to Bridge 4.


SR Diary 7. Gallery 38
2016 continues the day to day events of volunteering on
the Swanage Railway.


SR Santa Specials 2015. Gallery 37
All the fun of the build up to Christmas with the Santa Specials on the Swanage railway.

SR Diary 6. Gallery 36
 Continuing day to day volunteering on the SR

Swanage in 1972 - A Reminder
Gallery 35
Pictures recently passed to me (August 2015) and taken by Brian King in 1972 of
how we looked after line lifting in Swanage.
What a long way the Swanage Railway has come in 43 years.


Ringwood the Railway Cat
Gallery 34
 I first saw and photographed Ringwood (called Bubbles at home) on 11 May 2011.
Ringwood, our name for her, adopted the SR and was a regular visitor and seemed to spend more time with the railway than with her owner.
Having owned two cats in the past I am well aware that most of them like a quiet life and do not appreciate noise and sudden movements.
 Ringwood, on the other hand, thrived on railway noise and activity with all the comings and goings.
 She did not seem to be fazed by railway noise and a loco blow down seemed not to bother her in the least.
 On early steam duty, usually 0630 start, Ringwood would be waiting to great you and your mate and always wanted to go into the mess room in case food was on offer.
She would also do an inspection of the engine shed area and check to see all was in order. After this work a nap was often next on her list.
When finishing on the late DMU, around midnight, Ringwood was often on hand to wish you good night.
We all got very used to seeing Ringwood around the shed area and it came as a great shock when she was discovered dead near the mess room on 25 July 2015.
 I took my last picture of Ringwood on 17 July 2015.
 We will all sadly miss seeing this very friendly cat around the SR shed area.
This Gallery is dedicated to her memory.
Nick Hanham


SR Norden to Bridge 2 on the 08
Gallery 33
Your Host's first drive on the section that takes us to the SR / Network Rail division just short of Worgret Junction.
Network Rail staff were also carrying out a three monthly inspection of certain track components. 


SR Purbeck at War & Armed Forces Weekend
Gallery 32
The SR remembers WW2 in Purbeck and pays tribute to our Armed Services
Men and Women.
Various displays at stations along the line. 


SR Route Learning. Gallery 31
A look along the section from Norden to Bridges 3 & 4 near Worgret Junction.


SR Diary 5. Gallery 30
Volunteering on a regular basis on the Swanage Railway.


SR Spring Steam Gala April 2015
Gallery 29
A splendid line up of locomotives
925 Cheltenham (Visiting)
34070 Manston
70000 Britannia (Visiting)
The SR Steam Crane
All locomotive in steam and active on various passenger
and freight trains.
The steam crane is a double first it being fully operational and
also the first vertical boiler to operate on the SR.