Railways GB 4

Railways GB 4 consists of pictures taken on 'The Big System'
and other Heritage Lines.

Poole Park Railway 2
Gallery 42

My local park railway still going strong since 1949.
For Poole Park Railway 1 go to Site No.1 - Railways GB - Gallery 19.


2015/2016/2017 Steam in the Dorset Area
Gallery 41

Various Dorset locations for main line steam.

Mini Steam Machines
Gallery 42
A look at small steam traction engines.


Railways UK 2015/2016/2017
Gallery 43
A look at railway action around the UK.


2015/2016/2015 Railways in Dorset
Gallery 44

A look at the modern railway scene in Dorset.
The Mid Hants Railway 2015

Gallery 45

A look at various aspects of this excellent heritage railway.

Salisbury 01 August 2015
Gallery 46

Salisbury Station in 2015 showing modern traction and looking at the old architecture that still can be seen.
Your Host also remembers the station back in the late 50's and early 60's. when the only traction was steam.

Other UK Railways 2016
Gallery 47
A look at other UK railways especially heritage lines.

Overseas Railways. Gallery 48
Odds and Ends from around the World.

Visits to four preserved railways
Galleries 49 to 52
The East Lancashire Railway.
The Vale of Rheidol Railway.
The Severn Valley Railway.
The Strathspey Railway.

London September 2017 - Trains
Gallery 53
Euston - St.Pancras - Kings X

Railways UK 2018
Gallery 54
Various railway locations around the UK.

Mail Rail London.
Gallery 56
The unique Post Office Underground Railway
from Paddington to EDO in London.