Bus, Coach & Tram 4

The Galleries are made up of random Worldwide pictures.

Your Host's Home Road now a BUS Route.
Gallery 26
Your Host's Home Road now part of Yellow Buses 20 Route and later number change to D1.
See the first six days of operation Monday to Saturday with NO Sunday service.


Bus, Coach & Tram
Gallery 27
More UK buses, Coaches and trams.


Wilts & Dorset 100
Gallery 28
2015 June 14

A special celebration for 100 years of public bus service to Wiltshire and Dorset.
Many buses on display and in action on the roads of Salisbury with a far reaching selection of operators.
Your Host journeys by bus from Parkstone, Poole, Dorset to Salisbury, Wiltshire to see all the action.


The Alton Bus Rally 2015
Gallery 29
19 July 2015
A very full rally with many excellent bus restorations on offer.
The event also provide a huge selection of cars, lorries, fire engines and trade stalls.
Visitors to the rally also had the opportunity to ride on short and not so short rides from the rally ground to local areas.

Yellow Buses 2016.
Gallery 31
More action shots of Yellow Bus Operation


South East Bus Festival 2016
Gallery 32
Good weather at the Kent Showground, Maidstone, Kent for the
2016 event.
Well over 100 busses and an equal amount of cars and lorries.
The two exhibition halls were full to capacity with trade stands, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and many, many more displays.
The event was also celebrating 100 years of East Kent buses.
A great day out with so much on offer.

  Hants & Dorset 100 Years
Gallery 33
Celebrating 100 years of bus transport in Hampshire & Dorset.
A very good turn out of many types including Bristol Lodekkas,
Bristol VRTs, and many other makes and old bus companies represented.
Various buses were travelling on old local routes.
Nice to see a London Transport (Note I use the good old name)
Borismaster paired with you Host's favourite bus, a Routemaster.

Bus, Coach & Tram 2017.
Gallery 34

Day to Day events around the UK.

Brian Way (Wayahead Travel)
Gallery 35
Sadly Brian passed away on 16 June 2017
He was the proprietor and founder of Wayahead Travel in Bournemouth.
Over the last few years Brian masterminded many coach trips in the UK and Europe.
He had a flair for producing great itineraries, especially for those of us interested  in transport and in Brian's case - AIRCRAFT.
It has been my pleasure to travel with Brian on many trips when he acted as
our courier.
He introduced many innovations in his business and, when boarding our coach for a holiday, we were greeted like old friends - news-papers and details of the itinerary on our seats.
We always enjoyed a chat when Brian came round with the tin of sweets!
I will very much miss travelling with Brian, especially to Yeovilton for the
annual Air Display.
 Memorable trips were to the JCB factory, Oakham Treasures, the Mini factory at Oxford, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Eire.
I considered Brian as a good friend and I will miss him.
Nick Hanham

Yellow Buses Open Top Bus Ride.
Gallery 36
 New Service
August 2017

Poole Quay - Bournemouth - Poole Quay

London September 2017 - Bus
Gallery 37
Two days in London 17 & 18 September 2017

London Transport January 2018
Gallery 38
Buses,Taxis and Bicycles mostly at Oxford Street
and Victoria Coach Station.
Also some other areas of London.

Bus, Coach & Tram 2018. Gallery 39
More bus vehicles.

Wilts & Dorset & Yellow Buses 2018
Gallery 40
Buses in the Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset area.
South East Bus Festival 2018
Detling, Nr. Maidstone, Kent
Gallery 41
The bus gathering, held on Saturday 07 April, also included cars, lorries, tractors, military vehicles, large and small traction engines, trade stands
and much, much more.
Plenty of activity with demonstration runs of buses that also included
riding on the buses.
Excellent day out.

20 now a Wilts & Dorset Route April 2018
Gallery 26A
The route 20 is a Poole/Bournemouth Council subsidised route
having been run by Yellow buses since April 2015.
In April 2018 the route was taken over by Wilts & Dorset.
The original route number was 20 and later changed by Yellow Buses
to the D1.
On taking over the contract W&D reverted the route number back to 20.
First day of operation by W&D was on 09 April 2018.


Cabmen's Shelters - London
Gallery 42
The Cabman's Shelter started in the horse cab days and were established as a rest place for London cabmen. 
Out of over 70 shelters only thirteen remain.
These shelters are unique to London.
In these days there is shelter and food still available for modern motor cab drivers, but food is also served to the public.